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The WikiNow/RecentChanges opposition splits TheAudience into two halves. You are writing for your audience now. If a discussion is active on the site at the given moment, then the others interested in the discussion are keen to hear what you have to say. Consequently, it's tempting to write material that depends merely on the current events on RecentChanges. Nonetheless, there will be readers in five years looking upon your words with curiosity. Don't depend on relationships built through RecentChanges as RecentChanges is very transient. Write for the future readers too.

If your statements have temporal content, add temporal context. If you add local temporal context, your words will lose no meaning. Therefore, put the date inline. As in, "These days, in April, 2001, I feel as if the current political climate has become too tense."

If your statements have no temporal content, don't put a date in at all. As in, "Goedels theorem is..."

In short, there are two reasons to TimeStamp contributions:

However, this does not necessarily require timestamps:

Furthermore, timestamps have negative effects:

Not everybody agrees, however:

From the StyleGuide.


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