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The first book by NealStephenson. Somebody said that it was out of print and that Stephenson is destroying all copies. His own FAQ[1] contradicts this:

 > Neal, what is your opinion of your first novel, The Big U? 

 The fact that virtually all of the first edition ended up getting
 pulped created an unnatural scarcity of the printed book, which is
 only now being alleviated by a new edition from Harper Collins.
 This scarcity caused the price of the first edition to become
 ridiculously high, and led to bootleg editions being posted on the
 Web. If the book were judged on its own intrinisic merits, it would
 not attract such a high price or engender such curiosity.  The Big
 U is what it is: a first novel written in a hurry by a young man a
 long time ago. 



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