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Thought Markup Icons

(You could also call this: "TypedThought?".)

There is a discussion, "TypedThreadedDiscussion." It may draw some value from something I made for my PersonalNotekeepingSystem?: "Thought Markup Icons".

My icons were as follows:


 * Problem     - a problem to solve
 * Question    - a question to answer
 * Goal        - something working towards
 * Incentive   - if we had this, we'd be able to...


 * Starting Point  - for further thought
 * Order           - bring order to this
 * Articulate      - explain more
 * Analyze         - disect
 * Map             - model, vision, structure
 * Map Fragment    - to be integrated with a map
 * Rule            - or principle, or law
 * Border          - exclusion, division
 * Name            - name, definition (special case of Border)

 * Research        - web, library, friends

 * Hazard          - to be aware of
 * Rebound         - redirect, leads to

 * See Also        - recognized connection
 * Quotation       - related quote


 * Concluding Principle  - therefor
 * Possible Act          - personal, maybe/someday
 * Possible Future       - for world/soceity/scene, possibly distant
 * Concluding Questions
 * Concluding Goal
 * Concluding Problem


 * List
 * Item

 * Flag

 * Double-Check request

Role of Color

Use red to make sure you get back to something.

Lists deserve special attention- some times you want to expand out a list later. Just put the list icon in red.


The system was interesting. I still use it at times. Some icons are used more than others, such as the "Starting Point" icon, and the map icons.

I do not use this systematicly; I use it when I need some clarity on the structure of whats going on, or to make sure that I get back to things later on.

If I had a scanner, I'd scan in the actual icons, and some demonstration pages.

Well, if you can't find a friend, photocopy them and mail them to me.

 Sunir Shah
 25 Grenville St. Apt 1501
 Toronto, ON
 M4Y 2X5



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