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Vernor Vinge is author of numerous ScienceFiction stories, including in 1980 TrueNames?, an early story portraying an immersive (VirtualReality) interface to the net. More recently, he has been writing stories set in the distant future (A Fire Upon the Deep, A Deepness In The Sky), mostly by constructing scenarios which prevent, put off, or somehow bypass TheSingularity which he sees coming in our very near future.

The "Across Realtime" stories (two novels, The Peace War and Marooned In Realtime, and a short story)

It is in the SocialDarwinism tradition of RobertHeinlein, JohnVarley? and numerous other ScienceFiction notables.

Spoiler alert

This is a science fiction opus set in the distant to very distant future. A technology for effecting "stasis" is the trick by which people cross such vast expanses of realtime.

Of especial interest to collaboration junkies such as might be found in MeatballWiki is the "tinkerer" community featured in the first novel, and the dynamics among the people in the second novel, which takes place after TheSingularity, among those who were in stasis when it happened.



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