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BruceSterling is currently heading the Viridian movement. It's a design movement, designed by Bruce Sterling. They focus on Greenhouse Effect related product design. More or less.

Summary from the movement's features, taken from the cited page:

Viridian Note 00283: Geeks and Spooks

This is a speech at "Global Challenges, Trends and Best Practices in

Cryptography," the Information System Security and Education Center,

Washington, DC, 2001-11-20, by BruceSterling. In it, he says that

crypto is stuff fought over by geeks and spooks, and both have failed

us politically. And then he turns to one thing he'd like to see in

the time to come:

"I want a democratic, citizen-to-citizen device that will bridge those

social barriers and language barriers. I think we could invent devices

and means of verification that would strengthen the global social

fabric that terrorism wants to rip. It wouldn't be easy or simple, but

it's not beyond our ingenuity. Our social capital sustains all

civilized societies, and it is all about trust. So let's invent new


And he describes something that seems to come straight out of

DavidBrin's TransparentSociety:

"The point of this device would be to arm the population in

surveilling and recording acts of unconventional warfare. You don't

shoot anybody with it; but if you see anything weird, suspicious and

asymmetric going on, you formally act as a MediatedWitness?: you hold

this device up, and you start looking and talking."

Oh and he links to the NetWar book and says it has the best analysis

of the BattleOfSeattle?.



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