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WikiNames have a mixed Little Endian and Big Endian naming convention. You make SubPages by either appending or prefixing a WikiName.

For examples, (Big Endian) ComponentDesignPattern? is a subpage of DesignPattern? and (Little Endian) DesignPatternDiscussion? is also a subpage of DesignPattern?.

This convention can be used to guess all the sub- and super-pages of a page.

I put a WikiNameSpaceViewer script on the web to show this for real.

-- JeroenMostert

The script above is an interesting analysis of some C2 wiki page names. (One little note: ForthInSmalltalk? is not *quite* equivalent to SmalltalkInForth?. :-) --CliffordAdams


Also available for meatball:


without arguments it shows the WikiName structure of the refering page


These two links appear to be broken; the one above for C2 does work.


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