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This site is hosted by CliffordAdams using a derivative of his UseMod:UseModWiki, which is based on WikiWikiWeb by WardCunningham. It was created at the behest of SunirShah. It is maintained by you — that is, readers just like you.

This site is the main discussion forum for MeatBall. Consequently, this is meant to be MeatBall's primary reflection onto the world; indeed, most of what we do should be done through this site. Other MeatBall material will depend on what people create for it. There is also the MeatballMailingList, but that will only serve for transient issues and administrative discussion.

Some people have asked who "owns" MeatballWiki. The MeatballWiki is part of the MeatBall project, which is the responsibility of SunirShah. CliffordAdams has offered his site and code for the MeatballWiki, but it may move in the future. Sunir and Cliff split costs.

Content is owned by the respective authors (cf. MeatballWikiCopyright). To abuse an analogy, you are the authors, editors, and librarians; Sunir is the Editor-in-Chief, while Cliff is in charge of the printing presses.

At the current time, Meatball and MeatballWiki operate within the legal jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada. Individual contributors remain within the jurisdictions of their residences. UseMod and its associated properties operate within whatever jurisdictions are appropriate for it.

Write your questions on this wiki and the appropriate people will reply.

Plans to move MeatballWiki to the OddMuse engine have fallen through. For the current (early 2006) MB migration plan, see MeatballRoadmap?.

Your site is referenced as one that is not open to the public for editing yet I was able to edit this page. I'm looking for a wiki that will allow for control as to who can edit and who can not! Do you have this functionality?

I guess not if I was able to enter this text between the these lines!

Sorry about that. -- anon

First, I'm not sure where you got here from, but I'd be suspicious about them if they list this a closed wiki. Try Wiki:WikiEngines, that's the canonical list.

Second, this is a wiki community, not a wiki engine site. Try UseMod:UseMod for the engine that this site uses. -- ChrisPurcell

I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few WikiEngines where you can do that through database manipulation. The only one I'm sure of is MediaWiki. -- SeanFennel



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