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I am the Co-founder and Editor of MeatballWiki.



Current events

[9:20pm April 15, 2024] I was ghosted by WikiPedia. I have to admit, I find that pretty disrespectful, but it's par for the course in 2024. Huckai.com is coming along.

[4:50pm April 5, 2024] I saw a really interesting role at WikiPedia to product manage their contributor experience. I went through the research and I was happy to see many of the things I put in place still active. It'd be frankly amazing to rejoin the project, so I applied.

Last year was rough with the SaaS? market crash. I took the time to be temporarily retired and heal from the stress of being a startup founder. However, I never stop being curious about software and people so now I'm building https://huckai.com to use the new LargeLanguageModel?s to organize expert knowledge.

One thing that I am sad about is that I let the usemod.com domain expire last year without transferring it to MarkusLude in time. Fortunately, he moved the project to https://usemod.org, but it was still something irresponsible of me to have done.

[2:06pm August 15, 2022] The Internet stresses me out. I have no more SenseOfWonder? when browsing around. I long for a GreatRebalance.

I know I'm anxious about SaaS? Connect, my conference in April, but I will only guarantee its failure by failing to act.

This gave me pause about what MeatballWiki used to be in my life. A place of constructive use of social media, where we controlled what we focused on rather than having TheAlgorithm decide for us how to feel. So, let me see if I can use this place for that. Screaming into the cloud isn't how I wish to live my life.

I have to look at our anonymous developer's code to see if we can migrate to a better code base.

I'm prone to add UserLogin?s, likely with a SocialLogin?. I'd prefer LinkedIn?, but I recognize that MeatballWiki attracts OpenSource and OpenContent folks who may not be aligned with LinkedIn?, so we'll see what I ultimately do. Thoughts?

Anonymous contributions would be lost, but they seem to be of marginal value right now. There may be other strategies. One wild idea is to issue only so many anonymous tokens per day that are randomly generated pseudonyms. All changes attached to a token would be revertable by an authenticated user if we had proper VersionControl? (KeptChanges?). Someone rotating IPs with a VirtualPrivateNetwork? could only consume so many tokens a day, limiting how much destruction was possible per day. This would be a DenialOfService to potential positive anonymous contributors, but meh.

Another strategy is to use a BrowserFingerprint? to break through VirtualPrivateNetwork?, but I suspect this would be grossly unpopular.

ISBN 0-471-25311-1 (alternate, search)
Probably a good call switching to regex, the markup rules are probably quite easy to implement manually. Question: Will you be implementing namespaces? Your userspace and mainspace pages seem to have no difference in prefix, etc. --WikiMacaroons? at enwiki, 5th June, 2021.

The rewrite of the WikixParser into Python continues. It's going to be buggy because of a number of Rubyisms that are bad language choices like mixing and matching member dereferences and function calls and accessors, but that's fine. As long as I get an executing script that I can plug away tests against, that's a win.

Progress on that moves at the pace of a hobby, as appropriate. It's my daily moment of zen and that is fine.

In my professional life where I run an OnlineCommunity+conference+trade association, I've been levelling up the process at the [Cloud Software Association] to make our weekly livestreams and podcasts more permanent as well as hopefully relaunching the conference in November in-person in San Francisco. Talked to my friends at SaaStock? as well today and they are trying to being the EO experience online, as we have been at the Cloud Software Association as well. I'm sad no event in Dublin this year.

ZoomFatigue is real, but if you provide a positive place to answer core anxieties, it doesn't matter. People need to keep moving forward in life.

I like LionKimbro's CommunityWiki:MiniCubes project.

Why are we doing this now? During the pandemic a number of ol' timers got back together. There's a bit of a CommunityWiki:WikiRevival. Personally, it has weighed on me FishBowling MeatballWiki in a state of vandalism. With others asking about MeatballWiki and offering to work on it, I at least could say yes.

Maybe you can help? Who's still reading this? What's inspiring you about the Internet now?

Patch proposals

These are the ideas on the table for the next version of MeatballWiki's script that at least I am lobbying for, but not necessarily everyone agrees with. Of course, others can add stuff here if they like, but this space is meant as my little notepad for script development suggestions like my Writing Queue above is for content development.


While I blew away my OnlineDiary from here, I don't know how long I can last using my LiveJournal before I implode. The RSS include thing that OpenWiki does, while possibly bad on FeatureKarma, may be useful.

And whatever else I wrote on InfiniteMonkey. Perhaps I should just write InfiniteMonkey.


Welcome "back". Its been quiet while you've busy elsewhere.

And again ... Its nice to see your name appear on RecentChanges. Hope things are going well.

Congratulations! on freshBooks. I enjoyed our chat about this and hope it spawns a few thought that you'll find interesting during this fortnight.

It's a pleasure to see you posting ( DistantLand ). I didn't have time to even finish reading it, but I did make a few DiiGo 'annotations' for myself (in case you're interested). I'm hoping to add a few this weekend. -- HansWobbe

Congratulations on the engagement, Sunir! -- EugeneEricKim

Wow! Congradulations, Sunir! -- LionKimbro

I join in congrats! -- DaveJacoby

) Congratulations, Sunir! -- SamRose

Congratulations! -- DavidCary

Congratulation to the integration of dedicated work and income -- FridemarPache

Sunir, happy to learn of your happiness in the field of relationships! Have a wonderful new year and hope to cross paths. Best, MarkDilley

Sunir, big congratulations with regard to your marriage! Now we can be looking forward to small Sunetties... ;-) -- HelmutLeitner

Big congratulations. Although it [doesn't seem right that we're old enough] to do that ;-). -- DavidCary

Wow, thank you both very much! I hope my next 'baby', though, is BibWiki v2. Well, that and our first house, which we're actively looking to buy now. (We are indeed 'nesting'.) -- SunirShah

Wow, congratulations! -- BayleShanks

Congratulations to your marriage! -- MarkusLude

-- HansWobbe

Nathanial, you probably underestimate meatball and Sunir. He is one of the first wiki hosts, a pioneer of the first hour. Meatball has seen true wars of utmost ferrocity (remember Robert Abitbol? FightingIsBoring?). Other wikis/hosts closed down, mb carried on. What you see as a dangerous fire is not more than a little flame to meatball. That you try to inform Sunir about his options is a joke like telling Tiger Woods the options to hit his ball. -- HelmutLeitner

March 29, 2021. Ironically, it was this and similar comments that led me to realize we were down the wrong path and so I ultimately FishBowled MeatballWiki. It's not healthy to be fighting trolls and spammers all the time. There is no honour or glory or joy in it. We all deserved better. -- SunirShah



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