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Thoroughly pretentious, thoroughly entertaining. The flagship rag of "CultureJamming?" this magazine takes graphics art back to the days when it was used for politics, not product placement. However, recognizing that the world has moved on from dadaism, it turns advertising against itself by employing the same tactics.

If you don't like the writing, if you don't like the worldviews, if you don't like the arrogance, you'll probably like the pictures.

Reviewed by SunirShah.

It's on my side politically, but I still can't read it. It doesn't seem open to any deviation from its core beliefs (any marketing, branding, and fashion is always evil) and also feels like it spends a lot of time preaching to the choir. For a magazine that maintains a little more skepticism, and a little more joie de vivre, but is also firmly in the War Against Evil, check out Stay Free Magazine (http://www.stayfreemagazine.org/) -- FrancisHwang

My former roommate, Tim Querengesser, became a Senior Editor of Adbusters in 2003. Congratulations, Tim! -- SunirShah

Oy! What a pile. Flash for everything?!? Where's the content? Well, I guess if you can't blind them with brilliance... -- MartySchrader?


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