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Alice is a 3D Interactive Graphics Programming Environment for Windows 95/98/NT built by the Stage 3 Research Group at CarnegieMellonUniversity?. The Alice project is a public service to the wider computing and artistic communities; our hope is to make it easy for novices to develop interesting 3D environments and to explore the new medium of interactive 3D graphics. The current version of Alice authoring tool is free to everyone and runs on computers that are commonly available for reasonable prices. Worlds created in Alice can be viewed and interacted with inside of a standard web browser once the AlicePlugin has been installed. -- http://www.alice.org

Formerly from AliceInWonderland: Software-oriented AliceInWonderland fans might be interested in this free multimedia authoring system to recreate Alice and more :-) The Alice system is also incorporated in the Wiki:SqueakLanguage. -- FridemarPache


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