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I am Dutch, a man and most certainly in the second half of my life or my life must last for more than 110 years.

I'm interested in philosphy, especially in the way (dutch) philosophy will flower by the use of internet and the like.

Today, I found Wiki on my way and I think I found a treasure. I will try to make a Dutch wiki-community round the discussion-group news:nl.filosofie.

I have to fight against an impulse to stay traveling along in this wiki-world, with all the interesting people and their interesting thoughts and activities.

If you are also interested in philosophical discussion using internet, my e-mail is mailto:alle@eenvoud.demon.nl. (Use this adress for a first contact. Make the subject 'filosofie'. After that I'll give you an other one.)We can change our experiences and thoughts.

Welcome to MeatballWiki! -- SunirShah


Ik zag al wiki's in het Frans maar gezien Nederlands ook bij mij mijn moedertaal is gaat dat wat vlotter. -- StijnSanders


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