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A java based (J2SE) wiki and http server I (DaveParker) developed as a learning java project. Currently offline and resting.

Some features:


? Testing: VickiKerr?

On the Downside

Too many overlapping features - more than anyone would use. It would need some thinning out to make the code base more manageable.

As a conclusion to my work on Anno Wiki

To Dave Parker

- I would like to express my deepest apologies to your wife and to your family. When it was obvious that our work together was disrupting your family life, I should have asked you to stop the work and to proceed little by little. I was carried away. I don't mind myself working long hours on a project and I don't think to realize that not every one can do the same. Now I do.

- You have been the best wiki programmer I ever worked with.

- Now, about all the features we have worked on I would say the ones to keep are:

- The trails. This is something I have seen done on other wikis and it's very useful. See for example:

- The opening of current page on the left window. The basic, simple idea was an excellent idea; afterwards I got carried away looking for something better and I drowned the fish as we say in French.

The rest is simply the equivalent of scenes left on the editing table and not kept for the final editing.

- But there is one feature present on Usemod wiki which you don't have on your Anno: the page in a page. It is an excellent and I couldn't picture a wiki without it. I have experienced the concept for a few years on Spooky Wiki.


- I also reached the same conclusion as the people on Meatball. It's not a bad idea to keep comments from a page to another.

- Putting color tags is also a great idea.

Add those two things to your Wiki and it's very workable.

About my request to have a copy of the program, it's all right. I'll pass. I am not working offline with internet based wikis.

Again my apologies and thanks for giving me a rare opportunity to work with a real programming pro. After my work with you I could see who was a pro and who was faking it easily.

To Sunir Shah

Thanks Sunir for letting me use your Meatballs. So to speak... :-) There is no contentieux as we say in French. We just had a misunderstanding a fw years ago. I wished you spoke to Ward afterwards to re-establish the truth. He wouldn't have treated me the way he has.

Please from now on, when you have a conflict with a person, keep the conflict locally and don't ask others to side with you. In other words, don't aggravate the conflict.

You made my life terrible for many months and vice-versa. We were both losers in the end.

As the French song by Gilbert Becaud goes (Je reviens te checher:

Qui a gagné, qui a perdu On n'en sait rien On se retrouve les mains nues.

Who won? Who lost? No one knows In the end we fin ourselves empty-handed

To all Meatballers

And finally to all the Meatballers, old and new, good and bad, French, English and others, Canadians or not: A very happy new year 2008.



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