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I have been doing software development since 1978. Interested in how culture, teams, "processes" influence the results.


Worked on a WikiEngine in java as a learning Java project and to be useful as a PersonalInformationManager. See AnnoWiki; InstantNavigator?.

Welcome! -- SunirShah Thanks...I hope I'm on-topic here.

I think it would be interesting to put the source code for various programs in a wiki. Is there any other way that make it easier for people to comment on it and make improvements to it? Have you seen any wiki with full source code of any non-toy program(s)? (Wiki:EddiesWiki used to have such a online source code listing, but it seems to have gone offline). Would you mind dropping the source code of AnnoWiki on some wiki? (Is there any wiki where source code is more on-topic than http://communitywiki.org/odd/SoftwareBazaar/HomePage ?) (I see I'm not quite as daring as CommunityProgrammableWiki .) -- DavidCary

[RobertAbitbol?] In retrospect, if I had to name the best programmer I had the pleasure and the honour to work with, I'd name Dave Parker. He was a hell of a good Java programmer!



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