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Communication where the back and forth transactions are separated into discrete/atomic events. Unlike synchronous communication there is no "waiting for an answer" aspect ... you can respond immediately or let it sit for a time. Also, unlike synchronous communication the sender and the receiver don't have to be involved simultaneously -- you can write an email while I'm off line sleeping, and then I'll send you a reply unimpeded by the fact that you are 20,000 feet up flying to Hong Kong.

Examples: email, memo's, letters, bulletin board postings, WebLog comments

Some people prefer AsynchronousCommunication for many social contacts, and there are certain forms of communication which are best handled asynchronously (anything involving deep thought or heated emotion, for example)

While this method may be preferred, it can also lead to problems as a result of asynchronous deductions, especially where InstantMessaging is concerned. In such cases, especially in debates, individuals will be attempting to make a point or establish a concept, only to be interrupted by another's pre-emptive or off-topic response. This is obvious in cases where one is attempting to write a long and in-depth response, only to be cut off by a rant. Care must be made to insure heated discussions play by a rule of taking turns.

This manner of AsynchronousCommunication is often seen cowardly as well in terms of MeatSpace relationships between people, especially romatic or romantically hopeful relations.

See also: CommunicationApprehension


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