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Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin (2001), Atlas of Cyberspace. (Pearson Education: London, UK) ISBN 0-201-74575-5 (alternate, search)

This book is really the coffee table version of

Martin Dodge and Rob Kitchin (2000), Mapping Cyberspace. (Routledge: Andover, UK) ISBN 0-415-19884-4 (alternate, search) (paperback), ISBN 0-415-19883-6 (alternate, search) (hardcover)

So, it's missing much of the heady commentary by the cross-disciplinary board of experts. After our experience with similar cross-disciplinary boards of experts with TheWell, perhaps it's not much of a loss.

This book is very pretty. It has many beautiful maps of communication technology in the last century, making it very fun just to look at. I'd highly recommend it as a gift to any geeks you know, including yourself.

The commentary consists of synopses of analyses of the various entries in the book. However, since the Internet has only really come into its own for less than a decade as of the printing of the book, there isn't much variance in the analysis between one map and another. Still the commentary is very much worth reading. Many things can be learned. Thus, I don't consider it much of a loss. And I don't have Mapping Cyberspace to compare.

For those of you who just want to browse through the images for research interest, most of them are available on the author's websites:


which are where the majority of the research activity is centred. Still, it's a wonderful book to own. If you're interested InformationVisualization, I'd suggest you buy it as a gift to yourself. -- SunirShah

http://www.opte.org/ is a project to create maps of the internet using traceroutes as a data source. The resultant maps are quite interesting, resembling supernovae or mutlicoloured synapses[1]. The goal is to be able to generate snapshots of the entire internet on a weekly and utlimately a daily basis, comparing them over time. It promises to be open source (GPL) but as of yet no code has been released -- it's still early. Eager beavers can email for the code.

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