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To the extent that this community has an actual interest in the subject, I offer images of a BarnstarTeeshirt and related ephemera. These are all available from [CafePress] at a very modest markup.

Note that at this moment, CafePress? offers 83 individual products. Since these come in different sizes and demand different image formats -- not to mention the navigation burden on the user who just wants a teeshirt -- I have not built out all 83; only about a quarter that many. However, anyone who wants anything not available has only to contact me for immediate service -- here, at XiongChangnian, or by email at [xiong@mochamail.com].

Many other styles of tee available.

Well, I collect bears.

The infamous BarnstarThong? (not for the kiddies).

It's WikiTime? to take a break now.

For the car in need of editing.


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