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About Me

I have more webpages than I can reasonably count and my current policy to to try to not aggrevate this problem so I'm going to be brief.

I have many webpages where I talk a lot about myself, my projects, and other things that I do. If you are interested in this, you can read any of the pages linked below:


Welcome, Benjamin. I took a brief look at your information and now feel I need to ask if there are specific items you are interested in pursuing within this community? -- HansWobbe.

Benjamin, welcome here. Visiting your given links to your contributions, it probably needs a lifetime study to traverse all ramifications :-) So it's great to have you here for matching common interests and projects. I read, you are engaged in the OneLapTopPerChild? [g] project. I think these prognosed 200 million children can become a key factor on our way to TheSingularity. -- FridemarPache

Benjamin, welcome. Feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner



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