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Some advancements and developments are inherently BetterForPeople. They help make people's lives better or more enjoyable.

Development of online forums (such as WebLog""s, MailingList""s, and sites like KuroShin or MeatBall) generally helps make things BetterForPeople.

In general, anything which helps people come together and communicate will be BetterForPeople. This needs to be a two way communication. Press releases are one way communication - they are BetterForBusiness.

Posting a story on SlashDot is two way communication - feedback and comments are appended. This is BetterForPeople.

Creating a site where people can trade their old computer hardware is BetterForPeople.

Creating a site where companies can sell their hardware is BetterForBusiness (check out EggheadDotCom?, compare to Ebay - both make money. One is BetterForPeople. One is BetterForBusiness.

See also: TwoWorlds

It can be argued that BetterForBusiness is also BetterForPeople. It is just better for a different set of people. Even the examples here that are said to be BetterForPeople are not necessarily so for all people. I think that a better phrase might be BetterForUs?. That meaning the stuff that brought a community together, the shared values of the participants of the community. The stuff that is BetterForUs? will differ from community to community.

Just my two cents worth.


Not quite sure what you mean. In the above, BetterForPeople means the system is created to serve people in general, whereas BetterForBusiness means it is created to further the interests of the creator. Yes, he's probably a person to, but the distinction sounds valid.

I am part of the community of employees at the business where I am working. The stuff the business does is of course BetterForBusiness, but it is also BetterForPeople as far as the community of employees goes. It is probably not BetterForPeople in the eyes of some other communities. The point is that the distinction between BetterForPeople and BetterForBusiness is not absolute by any means. They are largely dependent on where your loyalties lie. That is why I think that a better term might be BetterForUs?, in other words the set of things that a specific community believes furthers its goals and represents its values.



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