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Bill Mollison is the initiator (or co-founder together with David Holmgren) of the PermaCulture movement. He received the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) in 1981.

His work is interesting to all online initiatives because BillMollison was extremely successful in spreading an idea and creating a movement (there are said 300.000 people that took "design courses") without creating a formal organization or managing lots of money, even without making much use of the internet btw.


Thank you HelmutLeitner for contributing awareness to this movement.

Several videos about the pioneer work of BillMollison can be found on YouTube: [BillMollison+PermaCulture]

I am going to dive into these videos, that can be annotated by the Video Annotation system of the [MojIti] community, fostering community support. -- [fridemar]



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