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BarnRaising needs a BuildTalk to synchronize the work of several people or cheer up each other.

 Can you give me this (or that) ..
 Wait a moment, .. here it is..
 Does somebody know where I can find such and such ..
 Need two strong men to hold this ....
 Help, my leg is under a log ..
 Attention, there comes a ...
 Don't bother, we get that ...
 Where is the plan?
 How did you manage to get that ..
 How did John to get it ..
 Shouldn't we rethink the plan ..
 Who is ready to join to do something special ..
 Where is Jim?
 Are you ok?

From this first scratch we may draw some analogies to building the MeatballBarn? as well as the IndividualBarn? s.

Such a BuildTalk could take place on TwitteR with the additional benefits that come from working like a HoofSmith.

Contributors: FridemarPache,..


FridemarPache -- Thu Sep 24 02:28:57 2009

There is a comment on this page, made via the new Google:GoogleSideWiki: Copy:

Collaboratively building objects, needs a

http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?BuildTalk of all the builders. It looks like Google can be the most appropriate platform that scales for building a friendly



Unfortunately the WikiWords are not yet resolved, but must be hand-made. Instead of a RecentChanges, Google introduces a relevance algorithm for the order of page annotations.

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