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FridemarPache: Hoping the following interactions become friendly and constructive, because under the surface, there might be (as he sees it) a HealthyConflict of different paradigms:
 describing versus building.


 building descriptions of recurrent patterns versus building new patterns

(in which creativity can also be killed by the argument

 Show me that it is recurrent.)

So the author left the Intro empty, appreciating Zen:

The author noticed that in the SandBox test the Comments (seen as interaction units) appeared not to be addressable (which based however on a typo), except by creating new pages, which might be easily suppressed, by calling them ShallowPages or the whole process a ForestFire.

Since the content of the Sandbox is not stable, the author places his test to this non-talk page, that is capable to address anchored comments (sections) as e.g. used in WikiPageCare.

Anchor Test positive in Sandbox and here

 What about a guideline how to use a SandBox :-)

 I use the Sandbox mainly for trying out features of the   
 underlying WikiEngine, how to make it more useful for the 
 community.. and as a tool and source for creativity.


a. [CanEachCommentBeAnchored/Talk/NiceIdea]

b. [SandBox/Talk/CanEachCommentBeAnchored]

I have on my wishlist for Meatball something like c. Talk/CanEachCommentBeAnchored

So the author invites peers to friendly and constructively interact on this page, helping to find a satisfying solution. We could call this process a BuildDialog? or something like that.

FridemarPache: Hey thank you Sunir, you have provided the addressability of single interaction units already in the building space, extended to Talkpages. Also my thanks to Nathaniel for encouraging further friendly collaborative work with your emotional interaction unit [1] :-)

There appears to be (a lot of) other potential in wikis to raise the level of creativity, if there is enough support.

The result is Yes, thank you Sunir, you have provided for that. However the addressing format could be made simpler.

Shall we now step forwards ...


NathanielThurston -- Sat Aug 29 13:11:40 2009

Nice idea!

NathanielThurston -- Sat Aug 29 14:25:22 2009

On second thought, my perception of the ConversationMode is that should be fleeting (like twitter) -- people should feel free to just erase large swaths of stale conversation. I'm thinking that ConversationMode itself is useless unless it can converge onto something in DocumentMode. So, perhaps it's best to avoid the practice of referring to specific comments in ConversationMode, and instead "pulling up" any comment that is sufficiently insightful/interesting to merit long-term storage.

It's safe to be full of ego in ConversationMode, if we agree in advance that it isn't the conversation we care about, and instead it's DocumentMode that matters.

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