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The term CashMoney refers to money convertible directly into dollars. (It is not an intensifier of money.)

Engineers and designers in the computer, communications, microelectronics, and gaming industries tend to be obsessed with costs in general. Words that the public uses to describe costs -- "spend", "buy", "cheap", "expensive", "rich", "broke" -- are rarely used to refer to CashMoney. Within business and at work, such technical people are concerned with machine resources such as clock cycles, registers, memory, storage, or transmission bandwidth. Gamers often inhabit worlds in which some type of token is accumulated; while the formal ingame name may be gold or minerals, it may be spoken of loosely as money. A similar use may be found in online communities that exchange tokens based on performance or popularity.

In those few circumstances when these types of people are concerned with money in the sense of the public exchange of value, it is often hypothetical or abstract: the value of one's stock options or the possible revenue expected from the sale of a product. Even when an item is purchased from a vendor, the amount may be deducted from a department's or project's budget. Staff neither knows nor cares when the vendor is actually paid; the only concern is the depletion of that budget.

To signal that the conversation has stepped outside of the closed world of engineering and design and the abstract world of government or corporate accounting; that some actual dollar equivalent is involved; the term CashMoney may be used.


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