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This category is for proposals which broadly affect MeatballWiki. It is provided to allow people to know what is "on the table". Away for three weeks and want to know if any huge change has been proposed in your absence? Just look in CategoryMeatballWikiProposal.

Proposals which have been dropped, or moved "off the table" after a period of discussion, are either moved into CategoryOldMeatballWikiProposal?, or deleted.

If the impact of a proposal is large enough for it to make it into this category at all, there should be a few months (or longer) between the proposal and the decision, to allow community members who are "away" a chance to see it.

Suggestions which either aren't too important, or won't have much dissent, or don't require a quasi-synchronous community decision, should be put in CategoryMeatballWikiSuggestion instead.



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