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I'm a go player and author, and have spent much time over the past six months adding to SenseisLibrary, the go wiki. This is a specialised wiki, with graphics features that make it a huge improvement for those of us who've in the past had to squint at board diagrams in ASCII.

Judging by Wiki:GoPlayersOnWiki, there may still be an unsatisfied demand for readable material on go. The Wiki:PatternLanguage way of talking hasn't penetrated to go, which of course has its own copious jargon (SenseisLibrary:GoTerms). I'm not sure I'd be thanked for introducing it. But the connection with SenseisLibrary:Shape, SenseisLibrary:Suji and SenseisLibrary:Haengma is something I'd like to clarify over time. A start now at SenseisLibrary:PatternLanguage.

StratifiedCommunity is an effort to catch the Meatball style. PrincipleOfSufficientReason is the kind of intellectual history I'm keen on; more at WritingAgainstLoss (see also WhatIsArt). PoetryAndWiki is speculative, lateral-thinking stuff but based on research. I have also written up the AnthropicPrinciple, SpeculativeFiction and SocialMalleability. I have no idea how well this all hangs together - some of these things have been with me for years, others come from recent months. A great deal seems to have been set off by reading a Yeats biography last summer, on holiday in Santiago de Compostella.

In my spare time from SL I write other things, particularly at http://gobase.org, and organise in Cambridge UK (MSO Cambridge http://www.msocambridge.org.uk, Cambridge Go Society http://www.cam.ac.uk/societies/cugos/).

(2004) Currently spending time at Wikipedia, mostly.

Welcome! I've been playing Go every now and then in the last years, but I'm not motivated enough to really get "into it". -- AlexSchroeder

Great to have you here, Charles! I happen to have a lab colleague who works on computer go. Tough stuff. -- SebPaquet



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