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I'm a musician/physicist/computer scientist with a growing interest in the Internet as a tool for collaboration, especially for building knowledge repositories such as the WikiPedia or PlanetMath.

I write a personal weblog, [Seb's Open Research] (pointers and thoughts on the evolution of knowledge sharing and social software), and contribute to ManyToMany?, a group weblog on SocialSoftware.

I started [Know-how Wiki], which is about giving and getting practical advice. It runs on UseMod with free links. It's currently in hibernation, until I get around to reviving it.

I am the originator of KoAting, another wiki which is meant to provide a memory of sorts to KuroShin.

I've also started the GroupFormingMailingList with the help a few co-conspirators.

Decrediting license for my contributions to MeatballWiki

"Unless otherwise stated, you may make a copy of any material on this website that I have written provided that you remove all names, IDs, handles, and other personal identification information, as well as any information which could seem to connect any of these posts to any individual or online persona. The result of this 'decrediting' shall be in the public domain."


(in reverse chronological order)

5. SocialSoftware. First time that something I wrote has been written down as "The Truth". I'm stoked. ;)

4. The [Everything in Moderation weblog] shines the light closely on a tremendously important topic. I'll be sure to follow it.

3. I haven't followed closely what happened between LionKimbro and MeatBall, but from glancing at the older versions of his page I (oddly?) find myself in vague agreement with many of his criticisms... I believe I share his goal with respect to interconnecting communities. This flagrantly needs to be done, and probably doesn't fit in here too well. I still don't know how to succeed - at first glance it would require a competent "foreign affairs minister" in each community -- good luck. For an early attempt of mine see SelfOrganizingOnlineCommunityDirectory.

2. The PatternLanguageForLivingCommunication project has several points of overlap with MeatBall. At 250+ patterns and many active participants the project is quite advanced (though some patterns are seriously underdeveloped). Unfortunately they aren't using a wiki, which makes it harder to foster CrossPollination? between the communities.

1. This wiki has become much more active in recent months as Sunir came back from his journeys. I wish I could follow it, but just looking at SpaghettiWiki made me think it would take way too much time. Do we need a WikiJournalist??

Aren't you the wiki journalist? I've actually been waiting for you to summarize what's going on here on Séb's Open Research! I know I can't follow it. -- SunirShah

I guess personal interest-driven diaries are the only way to get a sense of what's going on, then... [are they all there?]



Moved from WikisInNeedForBusConnections:

er, I'm afraid Jimbo didn't change TourBusPhilosophy?. I did. --SebPaquet

Seb, sorry (blush), I obvously misunderstood the IPs on RecentChanges . Thank you for improving - not only rephrasing - this page. -- HelmutLeitner

BTW would you be disappointed if I ask you to join the INTERNATIONAL-WIKI-TOUR, at least as a first step? It's just my personal opinion, but the GWT is meant to connect large communities that also work as nodes to other tours.

I would see a very central function for the KnowHowWiki in the future and a place for it in the GWT. It's a bit in the future and a vision: as a connection point for a USER-SUPPORT-TOUR or PRODUCT-SUPPORT-TOUR or CUSTOMER-COMMUNITY-TOUR (for corporations supporting their customers) "caring for all product-independent user KH". What do you think? Do you have the energy to live up to such high expectations? -- HelmutLeitner

Sorry, I understood the GWT as being a Grand Tour of wikis, not a Tour of Grand Wikis. No problem with joining the IWT first. Your vision for the future sounds right to me. If there's demand I'll be happy to supply or coordinate efforts.

Hay Seb just because you are a polymath doesn't mean you have to derive an inferiority complex from the urinating contests of mathematicians and their devotion to nontriviality. KHW may not be a Grand Wiki, but it is most assuredly a Great Wiki.

I think KHW has the potential to stand side by side with the Wikipedia, like "umetnost" with "znanie". -- LorraineLee

Hey, thanks. Where do you see that I derive an inferiority complex? I don't quite get the umetnost-znanie thing. What do those words mean? Google returns links related to Hermann Hesse, which is in my ballpark as I have stated elsewhere... I do have high hopes for KHW (or mutations thereof) but on a time horizon that is longer than most people's. --SebPaquet

Bonjour Sebastien, serais tu-prêt à écrire quelques petits mots de français sur cette page pour être rétrolié aussi sur LangueFrançaise ? -- ChristopheDucamp

D'accord. Voici ce que je pense du débat entourant MeatballLanguage. Je pense qu'on ne peut avoir une communauté qui a suffisamment de cohésion pour construire un site de qualité si nous ne parlons pas tous le même langage. Je crois donc qu'il serait préférable de migrer les pages françaises sur un autre wiki francophone et de faire des passerelles via InterWiki pour les bilingues. MeatballWikiFork? me préoccupe aussi.. j'aimerais bien qu'on ait un wiki sur les communautés en ligne où n'importe qui peut réutiliser n'importe quoi sans permission explicite. --SebPaquet

Merci Sebastien. Je crois qu'on pourrait aborder ce sujet sur la jeune branche francophone de CommunityWiki en cours d'amorçage et à relire sur CommunityWiki:Plan_du_Site qui reste ouvert au CommunityWiki:ContenuMobile -- ChristopheDucamp

Thanks for visiting...but the wiki was in dev-mode when you attempted to save your page. Try the new url. --LukeStark


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