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Charles runs a small software development company, Penrillian [1].

We specialise in software for MobilePhones. It's intriguing, that nobody really knows how these things will really be used...

Welcome! Many people have interesting ideas of how they will be used. If you think about mobile phones as just being extensions of hundreds of years of communication technology, much of the impact is predictable, but you just have to understand the history of communications first, something most futurists are anathema to doing. -- SunirShah

I'm not sure I understand. I can't think of a previous technology that allows me to talk to my friends remotely at any time, including a delayed message concept. The changes are very gradual, as society takes on the new concept and ideas are built on ideas. At the moment, we're still effectively at the stage of laying the early cables - most phones aren't configured with access to the internet, even though they may have the permission to do so. I don't believe the KillerApp? [2] for mobile phones exists yet (though people at Symbian [3] may claim it's messaging). -- Charles



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