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CognitiveScience seeks to explain the workings of the mind in terms of experiential EmbodiedExperience?. In opposition to CartesianDuality?, CognitiveScience sees the mind and body as one and the same. Before CognitiveScience gained credibility, the prevailing view was that of the MindAsAComputer? and the BodyAsAMachine?. MindForth is an example of the computer as a mind.

The potential implication for Wiki is that Wikis are not simply bodies of data that the MindAsAComputer? can interact with. Wikis are understood in terms of EmbodiedExperience?. That is to say that Wiki's will be understood using MentalModels? constructed by the user as a result of using other Wikis, websites, blogs and even RealLife experiences of interacting with the world.


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