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ColdFusion is Macromedia's server and application development system for the Web. It is proprietary software (not FreeSoftware) and is programmed in a tag-based scripting language. Higher programmability is accomplished with its Java extensibility and not the core language.

The Web site CFFAQ.com[1] has the following note about ColdFusion being proprietary:

ColdFusion is not proprietary. In fact, there are several other products (from other vendors) that have implemented CFML (or parts of it). In addition, ColdFusion leverages all open and public standards for everything from database integration (JDBC, ODBC) to configuration files (XML) to underlying architecture (J2EE). In fact, some might argue that ColdFusion and CFML are less proprietary than ASP and PHP (which are not supported by third party servers) and even Java itself (there is no licensing program or fee required to be ColdFusion compatible).

For those that wish to explore the benefits CFML without a major commitment to the technology there is Blue Dragon [2] from New Atlanta Communications which even has a free development license available.


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