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Collaborative graphic design is working together to create a meaningful image. GraphicDesign? is a powerful, expressive language. The advantages of collaboration, especially Wiki-style collaboration, would probably apply. Yet collaborative graphic design is not widespread in the Wiki world.

Image production vs. graphic design

It may be fair, in a sense, to conflate image production with graphic design. For example, contributors to WikiPedia often edit and re-upload images used to illustrate articles on that site. But in another way, it may not. Cropping or resizing a photograph is different from using the language of graphic design to convey a message.

Off-line collaboration

I'm a little fuzzy on how graphic designers collaborate in more formal groups (businesses, etc.) on- or off-line. How much or how little do designers work on the same piece? This section needs some elaboration. --EvanProdromou

On-line collaboration

Collaborative graphic design using software as a mediation device has some disadvantages, compared to collaborative development of text.

Collaborative graphic design projects

There are some collaborative GD projects listed under CollaborativeCartography.



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