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PurpleWiki version 0.9 has been [released] and is available for [download]. More information is available on the [release page] and at the [purplewiki community site]. --ChrisDent

PurpleWiki is a refactored version of UseModWiki. The most visible feature are the PurpleNumbers, which are inspired by DougEngelbart's Augment system (the original hypertext system). Underneath the hood, we've replaced the regexp parser with a parser that translates WikiText? into an intermediate data structure, and that supports multiple input and output formats. We've begun work refactoring the database code into a set of classes, and we eventually want to add template support (either [TemplateToolkit] or PeTal?, ideally both).

The most recent bleeding edge development version of PurpleWiki just (20030521) got support for rudimentary TransClusion. It does it in a very crufty way (screen scraping, sort of) but it points the way to doing things right eventually (when the data structure is stored more conveniently) and exposes the issues that will need to be addressed. And it's cool! See it on my [wiki] and my [blog]. -- ChrisDent

There is another implementation of the PurpleNumber idea by FlorianKonnertz (NooWiki, Zope). What I know of the implementation detail there is: on storing pages any text line without a pn tag gets automatically a tag (from an upward counter). This becomes a normal part of the content and must be respected by the users. The tag at the end-of-line is rendered to a HTML <a name=...> tag at the beginning of the line, so that it can be referenced. Problems I see: the content is cluttered with numbers (perhaps <0.1% are actually used); it is not save against user editing errors; numbers look nicer at the beginning when they are small; it would be necessary to know/show which lines are actually referenced. -- HelmutLeitner

WebLogs often use a hash symbol (#) as visually unobtrusive link pointing to an anchor based on a timestamp or index number of a comment. The hash mark is less distracting than increasing or large numbers, but the info is still there in the text. Knowing that the line is actually referenced is noticing BackLinks, which might be hard, but not an issue: If a browser doesn't find a name anchor, it defaults to the top of the page. PurpleWiki seems to have gone back and forth over this. --DavidForrest E.g: [#]



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