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The goal of CollaborativeHypermedia is to encourage and help people to work together toward common goals. For a group of people to cooperate effectively, they must get to know each other. They should respect each other and be aware of overlapping interests and common goals to become a community. It is important for creators of CollaborativeHypermedia to learn how a collection of individuals becomes a community, in general.


One slightly different approach to the challenge of learning "how a collection of individuals becomes a community" is to introduce two independent communities that have an over-lapping Objective. This approach may be especially appealing to groups that are striving to grow. By helping them meet common needs, it should be possible to...

One might rephrase this: "A Community can become more effective when it does not act as an independent island, but uses an ecological space paradigm, seeking interaction and collaboration with an environment of communities having overlapping goals and interests, living in the same space."

Some lessons in CommunityBuilding:


It might also be instructive to consider what constitutes community, and what makes it different from other agglomerations of persons, and thence how to emphasise or build those differences.

private club
strong sense of shared values, high probability of members knowing all members,
transit station
lots of people, but with very loose ties, most only temporary members
project teams
strong sense of shared values, cooperation, shared mission, permanent membership while the project is in progress, but then going separate ways when dissolved

Are there already wikipages that discuss this topic niche?

cf. BuildingVirtualCommunities. CategoryToDo: connect the two pages meaningfully.

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