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About Me


I'm a 25 year old chap from London, very interested in emerging uses of technology a lot like this place. I'm an advocate for wiki technology while not actually currently using a lot of it (aside from correcting spelling mistakes on Wikipedia) and I hope to build my knowledge of both the software and the culture and behaviours that underlie it by getting involved here.

Special Interests

I am particularly interested in the potential for the use of Wikis in organising, directing and recording real-world interactions, and the rapid gathering and dissemination of large quantities of information. Social dynamics in managing a rapidly growing contributor base and dealing with 'contribution fatigue' and tailoffs/non-contribution by large sections of a group involved in a wiki. What drives contributors? How could I engage both business and personal audiences into contributing to wikis, and sustain their interest and contribution?

So, that's for starters.

Say Hello

Welcome to Meatball, Dave! Sorry you've come along at a time when the engine's a bit flaky; we've had a lot of spam recently, and our countermeasures are a little hasty as a result. Tell us a bit about yourself! -- ChrisPurcell

Dave, welcome, it's great to see you coming here. If you have special interests, please note them, maybe we can point you to special pages or other places of interest. It's not always easy to find information in wikis when they have grown as large as MeatballWiki has. Feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner

Welcome Dave, here at Meatball you are in the community of communities. If one day you want to initiate your own wiki, you get the best start here. Even the WikiPedia in its baby phase got support here. -- FridemarPache



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