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An ex-PhD student from [Computer Science at Cambridge University (UK)]. My dissertation, ["Scaling Mount Concurrency: scalability and progress in concurrent algorithms"], is on [lock-free data structures] and related concurrency issues.

My ideas tend to be very concrete, with a solid description and a clear path to implementation, plus or minus any difficulties I have explaining myself. I am harsh with any ideas of my own that lack full solidity, and that may carry over in my discussions of others' ideas - I am a thoroughly ColdBlanket.


Get back in to wiki coding!
A couple of years ago, I lost all momentum on wiki coding. Thanks to Pylons, I've now got momentum back, at least for now. (Hence my resurgence here on MB.) I'm throwing up a page, MonkeyPylons, to share where I'm at.
Revisit wiki faceting ideas
The FacetWiki project had some cool ideas. Now I need to build on them. PeerGroups, NearLinks and AggregatorPages: what do they have in common? The ability to let different wiki communities join forces and do some BarnRaising, built around RecentChanges and the namespace. MultipleHomepages seems like a killer place to start.

To Do


May 18, 2009
Python is awesome.
October 6, 2008
I've now got a high-paced, hootin'-falootin' job in the city (still programming). On an unrelated note, the SRCF finally noticed I'm not a student anymore, so my picture that used to be above is now gone.
June 16, 2007
Well, my job pretty much eats up my energy, it turns out. Coupled with having to commute to Cambridge and back every weekend to see my lovely wife, I'm now in lurker mode on MeatBall. Glad to see people are still around!
October 3, 2006
I've just started working for Altera in High Wycombe (UK). It'll be a while before I get server access again, so admin tasks should be routed to Sunir, who will resent you for asking. -- ChrisPurcell

October 10, 2003
I'm giving you a BarnStar for dedicating so much of your most excellent energy to the SpaghettiWiki idea. It's beautiful to watch your ideas form. -- SunirShah
December 16, 2003
For renaming CategoryUnimplementedWikiFeature to CategoryUnimplementedWikiTechnology. (and similarly for ...Uncommon...). My, that's a lot of pages.
January 17, 2004
Should have thought of this a long time ago. Here's half your barn star. ;) -- JohannesGijsbers
8 juin 2005
Bravo. An EtoileDeGrange because these EditCategories are a major improvement & will really help to develop LaLève de la LangueFrançaise on mb. -- ChristopheDucamp
October 2, 2005
I'm giving you two barn stars. One for all the work you've been putting into RecentChanges improvements and another for all that help with the WikiSpamWorkshop. This is a solid thank you. -- SunirShah
December 7, 2005
I cannot express how impressed I am with your work on DigestedSummaryEmpiricalResults. -- SunirShah
Chris, congratulations. I also like the rc improvements very much. -- HelmutLeitner
Congratulations & sincere appreciation of the changes. This really is an impressive piece of work and I'm certain the underlying use of AJAX really demonstrates the value of the technology properly. -- HansWobbe

September 11, 2006
Really impressed by your "OOO" rule expressed on WhatIsaWiki which works also in LangueFrançaise (CestQuoiUnWiki). -- ChristopheDucamp
Merci, Christophe. It's good to know it didn't sound good only in my head ;) -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks for dropping by my page - I'm really welcomed here - it feels nice :) I'm pretty busy with Wikipedia stuff but I'll be dropping by Meatball more often from now on (or next month realistically). Oh, and I'm in Manchester in my non-online life by the way... -- CormacLawler

Chris, nice photo. You're a lucky man! -- SunirShah

Chris, I just want to drop in and praise the great work you are doing in maintaining end developing the mb wiki engine! I'm a bit sorry that I'm not able to contribute to this or only in a minimal way, every now and then. It's not a lack of interest but - developing my own wiki engine - I often have a diverging viewpoint which wouldn't fit in. So I pretty much concentrate on the social aspects of wiki in my contributions here. But I hope that we will find topics where we can interact, instead of working side-by-side, and get that feeling of personal resonance that's so rewarding in wikis. Keep going! -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks, Helmut! Good to get positive feedback — and good to know I'm not breaking people's browsers! Are you interested in RapidAntiSpam, at all? If so, perhaps we could collaborate on that, if only to merge it into your wiki engine. -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks for the refinement, Chris. I'll try to recall how to do thngs correctly. (I'm hoing it won't take too long to re-train me.)

Chris, RecentChanges shows different results depending whether or not I have Javascript filtering enabled. I suspect it has to do with caching in IE7. Can you fix it? -- SunirShah

Chris: Thank you for pointing me to the huge DigestedSummary. I didn't know that it existed. On the other hand, it would be nice to have a short Wiki page for newcomers to help them to faster grok the importance of DigestedSummary. -- FridemarPache

Chris, thanks for dropping by my new page and helping me to get it going, really looking forward to getting involved here. -- DaveGoodman

Most welcome! Thanks for the bug-report :) -- ChrisPurcell

Chris, I have a problem with redirecting the page TwinWikiBall to TwinBall. My procedere was as follows:

  1. making a copy of the text of TwinWikiBall
  2. trying to open the edit page of TwinBall (which failed, because I automatically got the edit page of TwinWikiBall)
  3. circumventing this mechanism by directly invoking the edit page of TwinBall via the URL-address
  4. pasting the text of TwinWikiBall into TwinWiki
  5. inserting the #REDIRECT into the edit page of the former mainpage TwinWikiBall.
There must be some trick to get a clean TwinBall representation, without extranious, superfluous redirect messages of the system. Thank you. -- Fridemar

If you mean, how do you edit the TwinBall page without URL hackery, just click on the link at the top of the redirect page. You'll also find that double-redirects don't work, so fix any pages that redirected to TwinWikiBall — and, ideally, simply fix all backlinks to TwinWikiBall and then delete the page entirely. -- ChrisPurcell

Yes, the internal backlinks, that referred to TwinWikiBall, are easily detected by clicking on TwinWikiBall and could be fixed. However there are meanwhile nearly two hundred external links, mainly in diverse social bookmarking communities and Blogs, pointing to TwinWikiBall. So we would corrupt a lot of databases with dangling pointers. (Google:TwinWikiBall). Therefore (for the sake of integrity of the external databases), I think, we must leave TwinWikiBall as a legacy remnant with a #REDIRECT. My problem was to eliminate the "Redirected from message", that was shown on top of the new page TwinBall, when directly jumping to it (by clicking on an external link). Meanwhile this effect has gone. Probably it was a local browser cache problem on my PC. No wonder, that it must have confused you. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help. -- FridemarPache

Thanks Chris!! Best, MarkDilley

Chris, I'd love to know what you think of the first project of TeaTime. I've done my best to make it fit your ColdBlanket criteria, and I feel that it could use your eye for practicality. --NathanielThurston



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