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I agree with the mission statement and the obvious genuine offering of the founders. Splendid and worthy of praise. Thanks.

To build community is a wonderful intention. My question is, to what end? That is, what is the purpose of this community?

For example, in the real world, communities were developed to orchestrate the agrarian cycle, to facilitate trade, to provide for industrial factories and so on. Hence, barnraising.

Wikipedia is a fine example of purpose, an alignment of intentions, in order to realise the ideal: free and trustworthy information for all. Similarly, can a wiki realise other ideals?

With this in mind, can I invite whoever reads this to contribute their thoughts and experience to http://www.seedwiki.com/wiki/2020worldpeace/2020worldpeace.cfm.

Thanks again. I believe the wiki is a significant contribution to social development; in the same way Newton stood on the shoulders of giants, so shall our children.

I think the purpose of this community is to help other communities grow and learn, whatever their goals are. A meta-community, if you will. Check out our MissionStatement. (I can't read your seedwiki by the way - it wants a password.) Oh, and welcome to MeatBall. Others will doubtless be along soon with other thoughts on the above. -- ChrisPurcell



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