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Why was the page deleted?

If you created the page, welcome to MeatballWiki! We're delighted to have you, but the page you created seemed to be just a test, or a placeholder for future content, rather than a new piece of permanent content. If it was a test, congratulations - you succeeded in creating a page. Please use the SandBox for testing, or if you like, you can create a page with your Real Name. UseRealNames explains why we do not want people to use "handles" or nicknames. On this new homepage of yours you can add a little info about yourself -- such a page normally won't be deleted.

If we misunderstood, feel free to remove the "DeletedPage" label on your original page and add a bit more explanation so nobody else will mistake the page you created for a test page. In any case, if you'd like to learn more about this Wiki you can visit the front page of this Wiki; MeatballWiki. Or to get an introduction to wikis in general, visit HowTo.

On Topic

One of the criteria used (but not the only one) when marking pages for PageDeletion using the DeletedPage label is because we think they are off-topic. MeatBall is about online communities. On the other hand, a lot of topics have become on-topic because we got interested in them -- SciFi and PervasiveComputing, for example.

All the pages which start with "DeletedPage" are considered "deleted". They will actually be destroyed automatically by the system after a reasonable time for review passed. See PageDeletion for technical details.

DeletedPage may bite you. Sometimes you need to think a little about your DeletedPage / BrainstormMode - 2 weeks are not that long - and suddenly the page is lost. It might be nice to get a warning a few days before the deletion.



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