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Learning as I go, I'm trying to implement Wiki (how I got here) on a web project with my high school honors students. I was totally consumed by the whole ethics of this site and how it addresses so many of the issues that I face in my own life. I hate having to raise my voice (an act of violence) to get my student's attention but have come to a point right now where that seems to be the only available solution in the short term. I'm looking for long term solutions, though, so perhaps some good thoughts will come from these pages.

Welcome, Dick! I'm glad you are impressed by our ethos here. We try hard to make it pleasant. We have the advantage that everyone here is here voluntarily (and they have the RightToLeave). A high school class is something different. I don't know how teachers cope. -- SunirShah

Welcome. :) There's such a world of difference between communities where people are forced to stay, and those where they are free to leave. Do enforced communities have any advantages? --MartinHarper



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