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Douglas B. Lenat is the president and CEO of Cycorp (see http://www.cyc.com/cyc/company/lenat), the company created when the funding for the CycProject was exhausted. He has written a book with R.V. Guha on large scale knowledge bases.

Cycorp aims to create a gigantic formalized knowledge base representing commonsense knowledge for use by intelligent agents. Despite more than two decades of work, Lenat's Cyc project has neither achieved its goals nor demonstrated any practical use.

Well, I'm still a fan of it even if it hasn't "demonstrated any practical use". They just recently began opening parts of it up for research and open-source use. A [Google Scholar search for Cyc in CS-ish publications since 2000] shows some hits. Also, bear in mind that (last time I checked, which was around 2000) logical reasoning was unfashionable in A.I. research -- but perhaps it will become fashionable again later. -- BayleShanks



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