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Pen Names on Emacs Wiki

EmacsWiki does not require users to UseRealNames. If you look at the list of homepages, however, you'll note that most of the names seem non-ridiculous:

    AlexSchroeder, JohnWiegley, FrankGerhardt, DanielLundin,
    CharlesSebold, TobyHaynes, AaronL, DeepakGoel, MarceloToledo,
    JohnPaulWallington, ...

I doubt that the Emacs community is more business-like. The Emacs community is probably just more interested in Emacs than in fooling around (without Emacs). This is why the Emacs newsgroups [1] have a very high signal to noise ratio. Another interesting fact is that most regular contributors to the wiki got there because they first heard about it on #emacs. And PenName""s are very common on #emacs:

    Users on #emacs: ged @kensanata neogenen_ termos johnix @franl
    @delYsid giuppi delta_ vorpal enberg PurpleHaze jamc_ skimpIzu bpt
    Lennart mallum pflanze ... 

Possible explanations:

  1. Contributors know about Meatball's UseRealNames-policy, and automatically assume it holds for other wikis as well.
  2. Contributors automatically use real-sounding names when contributing useful information.

Obviously EmacsWiki does not require a UseRealNames-policy at the moment.

It pains me to add threadmode to this clean page, but an interesting concept is raised: "non-ridiculous names".

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