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Donath, Judith S. [JudithDonath] (1999). Identity and deception in the virtual community. In M. A. Smith and P. Kollock (eds.), Communities in cyberspace. (pp. 29–59) London: Routledge.


Two sub-categories to consider

Q: are these two sub-categories of the superordinate, or is CommunityIdentity a special case version of identity ... consequently, would it be more useful to define

or would it be more useful to define

with the first of these two assuming all the individual identity pages. I'm leaning towards the latter, as it would require only one category tag on each page, rather than two [CategoryIdentity, Category...Identity] -- EricScheid

Hierarchies of categories can be created by placing a CategoryFoo tag on the CategoryBar page. This would mean all Bars were Foos. CategoryInterfaceDesign does this with CategoryInformationVisualization. But since this is a graph, not a tree, you can also put a CategoryBar tag on the CategoryFoo page. This means Bars and Foos were related. I recommend the latter action and the latter categories. -- SunirShah

The problem though of relying on an implicit hierarchy (Page -> Bar -> Foo) is that with the current wiki technology you cannot follow the backlinks from Foo --> Page, and thus the categorisation method fails. I dislike strict hierarchies for other reasons (eg. overlaps), so you won't be seeing much advocacy for a hierachical structure any day soon. --es


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