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A wiki with dynamic link syntax determines what links to make based on the page database, not solely using a predefined LinkSyntax?. So in the sentence "Jane likes matches", each individual word could be made into a link, or "Jane likes", or "Likes matches", or even the entire sentence, if any of those were names for existing pages.

Typically, a link would not be allowed to start or end in the middle of a word, so "Jane likes matches" could not sprout a link to "Kes Match", for instance. Special delimiters would need to be inserted into the sentence to create that link.

The main advantage of DynamicLinkSyntax over CamelCase or FreeLinks is that arbitrary names are allowed, as with FreeLink, but no arcane syntax is needed to make links, as with CamelCase.

The chief disadvantages are complicating the creation of new pages, and the tendency for random links to sprout in the middle of text, making it much harder for the reader to distinguish signal from noise. From a performance perspective, DynamicLinkSyntax is difficult to scale, as the entire database must be involved in marking up a single page, but this does not make it impractical necessarily.

See also CommunityWiki:PlainLink.



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