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From http://www.hawaii.edu/hga/urban00/Elements.html

Five elements help us to see the environmental image of a city. The elements generally overlap and don't exist in isolation. As Kevin Lynch points out, "Districts are structured with nodes, defined by edges, penetrated by paths, and sprinkled with landmarks."

Food for thought when reflecting upon online communities and information spaces. The various IndexingSchemes might be construed as paths, but then maybe not -- one must step off the "path" to journey along it (hmm, just got a new idea, see PathsInHypermedia). Pages would be nodes, unsuprisingly. Does Meatball have districts? Would that be categories? I think Meatball doesn't have edges, although UseMod supports them with it's /subpage functionality. Does Meatball have landmarks? Yes - RecentChanges and the other pages listed in the link banner.


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