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programmer. meddler. social engineer.

interested in the dynamics of OnlineCommunity, despite being basically non-social

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Maximum respect to cliff, but geez I'm having a long slog refactoring thru 0.92 ... such a mix of logic and presentation means something simple like enclosing various parts of the page in DIVs means updating lots of little subroutines. And then there is the mixture of output methods - some places $html is returned to the caller, other places it is printed immediately. Thank you cliff, I'm learning lots of perl and that is a good thing :-)


My wiki is using this pattern [A-Z]+[a-z]*[A-Z]+[A-Za-z]+ for the LinkPattern, which suffices for patterns like ACRONYM, IAblog, and RegularWikiPattern ... but it also matches IAs and MBAs. That is, any acronym with a pluralising suffixed "s". How would I rewrite this, in Perl, so that it would accept either zero lowercase letters on the end or 2 or more lowercase letters. That is, not match a single lowercase suffix.

Are you sure you want to do this? You won't be able to match against legitimate English words, e.g. Wiki:JangIt

Hmmm ... good point. So, the antipattern (heh) I want to catch and ignore is [A-Z][A-Z]+[a-z]. I think I'll have to just code up additional patterns in the source, in the same manner as additional patterns are coded for interwiki and isbn.

re: TheShapeOfSong Nice link! Very nifty. --ss

Haha, same here. I had to send it off to some friends immediately. -- AlexSchroeder

re: PathsInHypermedia Also nice! Thanks for creating it. --ss

Happy Birthday! -- SunirShah



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