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In Esperanto, the WikiPedia is referred to as the Vikipedio.

In the beginning of the Esperanto Wikipedia project, ChuckSmith asked permission from Stefano Kalb to use the 149 articles from his online encyclopedia in the wikipedia project. He agreed and they copied them all over which gave the Esperanto Wikipedia an excellent base to start a wikipedia. Later BrionVibber joined to help with the technical aspects of the project, most importantly adding Unicode support.

Initially they translated the English homepage to give a clean starting index to make it look professional and inviting. One of the most appealing features of an Esperanto version of the Wikipedia is that there is not yet a multi-volume paper encyclopedia in Esperanto, so this fills an important need in the Esperanto community. Another attraction is that it is the only truly international encyclopedia (not biased toward any national language). There are currently over [2000 wikipedians from over 50 countries] in the Esperanto Wikipedia project.

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