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I am a university researcher in Heilbronn, Germany where I am the head developer of the [WikiWizard] and I (together with ChristophSauer, JanneJalkanen and WardCunningham) ran a workshop at WikiSym on WikiCreole. I am originally from Harrisburg, PA, USA, but have lived in recent years in New York City, Calgary and Rotterdam. I have degrees in Computer Science and Math with a minor in Philosophy and was introduced into the world of wikis by ScottMoonen. I started the EsperantoWikipedia, November 2001 and it now has 50,000+ articles being the 15th largest Wikipedia -- http://eo.wikipedia.org/. I am also a board member (Information Officer) for the [World Esperanto Youth Organization]. JanneJalkanen and I have it out in a game of Go sometimes, but he always wins.

I speak fluent English and Esperanto, conversational German, Spanish, French and Dutch.

My blog: http://amuzulo.livejournal.com/

My homepage: http://www.amuzulo.net/

Wanna learn:



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