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FermentWiki was a wiki about online culture, both descriptive and prescriptive:

Since August 2005, it has been down, displaying a message: "Down until the time is available to upgrade to something more spam-resistant."

About the name

Fermentation is often a batch process, with an identified beginning, middle, and end. Though almost limitless variety of fermentation processes exist in terms of raw materials, procedural variations, and end products, any successful fermentation run can require considerable attention to the details of conditions and timing.

And so it is with online gatherings of attention--the right ingredients need to be brought together under the right conditions. Then, there's an induction period before things start bubbling along. If you're not careful, things can go sour (or otherwise off-taste) in a hurry. Or, it can never take off, and you have to start again. But, if all goes well, the process and its products can be enjoyed for quite some time before the cycle need be started anew.

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