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Frank Palmer Purcell is an independent scholar of American philosophy. His home page is at http://arisbe.net, and he can be reached at mailto:ebsira@yahoo.com .

Hello Frank, welcome at MeatballWiki, it's nice to meet you. Just out of curiosity: what brings a scholar of philosophy to come here? -- HelmutLeitner

Even philosophers need day jobs, and a little while ago I was working as a technical writer and business analyst for a Wall Street bank, and had reached the limits of LotusNotes as a workplace collaboration tool and was looking for alternatives. Wiki presented itself. My job was outsourced to India two years ago, so I turned such expertise as I had developed to advancing the dialogue in the fields of my main interest. I have visited Meatball from time to time, and only just noticed that I never identified myself... -- Frank

Welcome, Frank. -- SunirShah

Thank you. -- Frank



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