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Austrian internet activist for decades, blogger and wikizen. Manages the Hotel Karolinenhof in Vienna, Austria. Numerous socially oriented projects, core member of the GIVE laboratory. Co-Creator of the OEKONUX wiki. Founder of DorfWiki. Originator and Promoter of the GlobalVillages concept.

Thanks Helmut for the flowers. These are things that one really does not like to erase, even though they have this embarassing side. Currently I am trying to create a place for cultural creatives to spend some time in beautiful Vienna. If there are other people here that have some stake in the hospitality business and want to foster community spirit alike, it would be interesting to share views. contact f.nahrada//AT//reflex.at Franz

Now that you are here, the flowers aren't really needed anymore. Welcome, hope you'll enjoy MeatballWiki. This is the place were English wiki and online community knowledge is and should go. WikiLifeCycle, CategoryRoadmap, BarnRaising, WikiPatternLanguage, dozens of other roadmap pages ... it's a pity that it's not organized better, but it's all there, somewhere. -- HelmutLeitner



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