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The WikiPatternLanguage is a PatternLanguage in the tradition of ChristopherAlexander. It describes structural elements that can be observed in wiki communities and that may be reused over and over to strengthen existing communities or to build new communities. Currently there may be about 100-200 patterns available, but they havn't yet been systemetically identified and described. A PatternLanguage is usually defined by a formal "pattern form" creating a "pattern database entry". Currently there is only a draft for such a WikiPatternForm (see also WikiPatternFormTemplate). It's important that patterns are always optional, they inform and thus prepare autonomous decisions of those involved. It also makes no sense to combine them ALL into a single new or existing system. Also, not everything that's useful or repeated is a pattern. A pattern must have a structural aspect, so that something remains, even when people move on. Activities, strategies, processes or relationships are not patterns in themselves.

For more background information see PatternTheory. In case of questions please discuss them wherever it fits or contact HelmutLeitner (who initiated this rudimentary endeavour).

By the way, you will often find patterns in two or more categories, because they resonate with more than one aspect or category. There is no strict hierarchy, you can look at the patterns from different perspectives.

Orientational patterns:

Single page patterns:

Page group patterns:

Information scaling eases access / readability:

Behavioural patterns and rituals:

InvolveTheVisitor patterns:

Cultural patterns:

Modes of collaboration:

Communication patterns:

Structural patterns:

WikiInformationScaling patterns:

Rhetorical patterns:

User identity patterns:

User role patterns:

Role model patterns:

Reader oriented patterns:

Wiki identity patterns:

Online system patterns:

Wiki growth patterns:

Wiki mechanics patterns:

Wiki application patterns:

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