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GeorgeHotelling? described to in a weblog post what he understood me to be saying, combinded with his experience. Weblogs are about the past and wikis are about the future. I think in wiki, he goes on to describe. The idea of BludgeoningTheData? came up during the WikiVanning Rolling OpenSpace meetings.

I know the basics of computer science, so I get excited about them and go forward. I think that is an interesting aspect of YoungEnergy?, which is a behavior that we have to account for with WikiPractices. Anyway, with the SwitchWiki project, I BlugeonedTheData? and it worked. I think that a way that we could introduce wiki to folk is to leave future links in the form of html ?'s to the page that would be in the right wiki, like in the example I did here in the Mac Browser Camino's community: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=335232

Also the thought of doing this stuff became a little easier when thinking about CommunityWiki:LocalNames.


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