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We're in San Diego now. Notes from the trip down are at Dead Link: boo! http://wiki.wikisym.org/space/WikiVanning Archive.org link http://web.archive.org/web/20061231031333/ws2005.wikisym.org/space/WikiVanning

TedErnst and BrandonCsSanders are convening a 4 day OpenSpace WikiVanning event around WikiSym 2005. We're going to drive from Portland, OR down to WikiSym in San Diego CA in a rented vehicle (size depending upon the number of participants). During the trip there and back we are going to hold an OpenSpace style event where each participant gets to bounce their ideas off the others. Each direction (down and back up) for the trip should take 2 days. Potentially we are considering adding a swing up to Seattle as part of the trip.

quick summary

Brandon, Ted, Lion, Mark and John are in for the road-trip. Ted has a room reservation for Sat arrival in San Diego and Weds departure. More are welcome in the room to save money. On the WikiSymWhosGoing page there are others looking for lodging as well as some other loding choices. If someone wants to find a cheaper room for us, go for it and I'll cancel Days Inn.


Evolving Itinerary

WikiSym - 4 nights in San Diego


Through Budget rent-a-car I've reserved a minivan that seats 7. Pickup at 6pm on 13th and return 6pm on the 21st. With only me as a driver the cost is $268.23 for unlimited mileage. To add drivers the cost is $304.22 plus $9/day per driver capped at $45/day.

We'll need to stop by the rental place after 8am on the 14th to sign up any additional drivers. Must be 25 with a drivers license.


MattisManzel: For the two days of your drive down to WikiSym and back up I want

All we need is one person with EVDO and http://www.popsci.com/popsci/how20/6a278ca927d05010vgnvcm1000004eecbccdrcrd.html

EthanMcCutchen says "more compelled by the journey than the destination". Which makes me ask is WikiSymPreWiki? Yup
ChristopheDucamp: bonjour Brandon. WikiVanning is a great idea. I'd like to translate it one day ;) Pehraps WikiCamionnage?, I still don't know. For the moment we think small in France. Currently testing a new CraoWiki:CoVoiturage inherited from CarCulture...
Notes for the trip are here: http://ws2005.wikisym.org/space/WikiVanning

Pulling out book etc references:

Turns out this is a way bigger project than I thought. Either because there aren't other references, or because of the sheer volume of notes. I got all the way to the bottom, but am not sure how well I processed any of it. Wow, what a trip that was! --TedErnst


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